Thriller workout coming soon for halloween near you.

Updated: Sep 22

The halloween work out of that will scare you sh**less, the run and workout will take you through the dark windy roads. Working with leading event equipment providers we will create an immersive workout experience that fitness enthusiasts won't forget. This extreme sports activity will be rolled out across the UK starting locally, professional fitness experts will receive a step by step guide to run and participate, with an aim for a global franchised sports activity keeping everyone active and adults enjoying the one night of year they could all be mischievous when they were younger.

You will run and workout in groups, costumes and masks are welcome though it's advised 16+.

Famous theme tunes and spooky songs will be played whilst you run through the murky forests. You may hear a chainsaw, or see a freaky face if you don't keep up.

Thriller by Jackson will keep you from lurking in the dark.....ha,ha.ha,harrrrr

The event equipment will be available online soon it will come in a small flight-case and supply you with:

- Music playlist

- Red gas

- Red strobe lights

- The app which will allow you to plan a spooky route, build a workout team and host the music playlist

- Waste/weight belt speakers for the instructor/organiser

- Other essentials including classes online via the site.

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