Phonetic plans a theme park that allows you to visit the gods: Land of the Gods.

Updated: Sep 11

The theme park regeneration concept that will provide a huge economic boost drawing in visitors from around the world to the Northern Ireland and the Ireland region which provide the perfect location to create the ultimate god like experience towered by rough highland terrain.

The theme park will not only offer rides, connections with the gods and the ultimate theme park for adults an experience that will connect visitors via a cable cart to the Belfast City Zoo enabling for a multi purpose visitor attraction. Set in incredible grounds and festival friendly, with incredible confectionaries and merchandise it's an exciting concept that would not disappoint. In addition high quality naturally sourced food will be available throughout the future parks.

Phonetic Planet will be home to famous on-screen characters from the Phonetic Animations, P&T Productions and P&T Entertainment it will also aim to collaborate with existing entertainment firms and theme parks to ensure the quality of this physical real world experience is like no other, giving even Disney, Paramount and Universal a run for their money.

The plans have been mentioned briefly to the Secretary of State in Northern Ireland.

Previously working with Flamingo Land UK, Merlin and other major attractions, we see this as an exciting proposition which we can expand into other countries. The Theme Park would also see famous faces in caricatures brought to life as gods in a music and on-screen museum in the park..

Official design concepts for the park will be released in due course, in the meantime take your time to view the photographs we have provided. Also in the meantime enjoy the links to films on gods provided below which include Immortals and Clash of The Titans.

Credit: Belfast, Cave Hill

Credit: Immortals

Credit: Clash of the Titans

Keeping the environment in mind at all times the themepark will aim to highlight and collaborate with those seeking to produce echo sources energy, all theme parks require land and power, we value this, we aim to invest in echo friendly fuel sources such a sunflower biodiesel to produce green energy under our a new brand.

The park developers known for their inventiveness and imagination particularly surrounding this project. This is an exciting British theme park that will inspire generations to come around the world.

Visitors will enjoy interactive rides that will play home to special effects such as ZEUS which takes you on a journey of the skies, in touching distances with lighting bolts that will strike the rollercoaster at anytime, you will meet him face to face before being sent back to earth down a cliff hanger drop. Other rides will include the APHRODITE a ferries wheel taking you on a journey of love in mid-air connecting you with loved ones hosting stunning views, HADES will take you underground leaving you in limbo, where you will eventually meet the dead before you are saved and brought back to life.

Keep up to date on our developments by visiting the companies site, please note we are operating under Phonetic and all the films and designs above is credited to protect the owners rights to their productions The project belongs to Phonetic under designs, copyright and patient act 1998.

There is no timeline on the project.

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