Kangaroos is a brand new advertising, sponsorship and media buying agency

Updated: Oct 2

The agency was and is designed for in-house production at Phonetic, though we have worked with clients such as the world's only Submarium, The Deep, Axiom Yorkshire, Met Police and Coventry University Group.

Case Study, experiential:

Coventry University Group are constructing their new campus including re-paving around the campus, Kangaroos came up with the concept "Walk of Alumni" which would celebrate the famous alumni that graduated at the university following in the footsteps of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The design would see the the current Vice-Chancellor of CUG, ITV's Andrea McLean and RCA Records CEO, Peter Edge re-visit there study city and unveil their octagons of fame to celebrate there success. With over 22,000 students it will be sure to inspire them.

Case Study, sponsorship:

Axiom Yorkshire were looking for an agency that could connect them with sponsors and high end brands to sponsor areas of the new unique digital shopping complex. Kangaroos pulled together designs and constructed a plan for Easy-Jet to brand and build an experiential ad on the roundabout approaching the centre to celebrate Easy-Jet as a leading Yorkshire based airline. The aim to help commercialise the mall with six figure ad revenue.

Case Study, digital:

We activated a social campaign across snapchat to promote the independent music artist Hezza, this also resulted in an an uplift of news and print articles and significant media attention. The resulted in thousands of impressions and click through's to Hezza's digital and online channels including his music.

Kangaroos has also offers experiential and digital services including digital out-of-home and online integration. We are a full service agency with the capabilities and insight to plan, buy and design across all channels.

Kangaroos has partners with PSB Outdoor who have bought and planned outdoor media on behalf of Hull Trains via their agency CWA also working towards programatic. Cactus Events who have organised some of the most prestigious events from opening ceremonies, launches, private VIP functions who's clients also include major attractions and property firms and are working on the UK's first Snowma's.

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