Did you know about The Secret Film Festival

Updated: Sep 28

Spy movies will be rated by real world spies in categories at the world's first secret film festival.

This pilot film festival is a spy movie award ceremony, for the first time ever the movies will be judged by industry leaders from the field. Selected intelligence agencies will be eligible to bid and host the film festival each year in secret locations, the most famous spy faces on screen at the box office and a selected press, the film festival will be moved each year..

We want to see movies such as the James Bond, Bridge of Spies, Salt, The Tourist rated by executives, previous agents from the selected spy agencies.

We are looking forward to developing this ambitious festival into a world leading film festival that will attract global media attention for it's innovativeness and highlight the value that spy movies bring to society educating people on the secret world in creative ways, highlighting the dangers and building a connection between spy movies and the real spy world.

Launched by P&T Entertainment, we operate under UK law.

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